If Atlanta’s unforgiving city streets could talk, then the infamous Simpson Road would tell murderously bloody tales of drugs, guns, poverty and prosperity. While many lives have been lost along this concrete corridor stretching through the heart of the Zone 1, this section of the city has also served as motivation for making it past the possible pitfalls of the hood.
Such is the case for West Atlanta native and local rap superstar BooMan SRP. While living his former life of fast money, drugs, and violence, he survived every would-be encounter--both good and bad--that Simpson Road has to offer. He earned his respect, made more money than he could count, got robbed and caught felony cases, all in the same location. He even came close to becoming a casualty of the street life when a stray bullet left him confined to a wheelchair.
Now after surviving the hard knock life, BooMan SRP uses his music to expose the good, the bad and the ugly sides of his brutal breeding grounds. Serving music like dope over the years, he has been continually pumping mixtapes to the streets hosted by the likes of Greg Street, the Hitman DJs, Bigga Rankin and DJ Big House.
Just last year, he shook up the game with stellar mixtape Brick Fair, hosted by Swamp Izzo, and his newest project Real Is Rare hosted by DJ Scream has been tearing up the Southeast. Fueled by lead singles “Hard” and “Good To You” featuring Blitz the Entertainer, there is no way that BooMan SRP is slowing down any time soon.
“I’m in my own lane from any of the other music that’s out right,” BooMan explains. “I tell stories about what’s going on and what I done been through. I tell what’s real, so I had no other choice but to name my project Real Is Rare, because that’s all it is: real and rare.”
Born Artavius Lewis and raised below the poverty level, BooMan’s childhood was filled with doubt and despair. At an early age, he joined a gang and began selling drugs to quiet his stomach’s rumblings.
“It’s the worst side of town,” he admits, “so if you make it up out of there doing the things that we were doing when we were younger, you were blessed.”
It was also on the 1500 block of Simpson Road that he was shot and consequently left paralyzed from the waist down at the tender age of 16. “The shooters were after somebody else, and I ended up being there,” he remembers. “One thing turned into another and the next thing I know, I woke up in Grady Hospital.”
Even though he can no longer move the exact same way he once moved, BooMan refuses to let anything slow him down or hold him back. “If Tupac, Scarface, or UGK were in a wheelchair, would it stop them?” he rhetorically asks. “Never. If it wouldn’t stop them, it definitely won’t stop me.”
And it hasn’t stopped him one bit. After founding his own record label SRP Entertainment (after his beloved Simpson Road) with brother Donnie “Dog” Spears, he launched a rap career that has taken Atlanta by storm. His incredible work ethic that has enabled him to work with the likes of such hip-hop heavyweights Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L, Youngbloodz, Slick Pulla, Bloodraw, Manish Man, Grand Hustle, Big Kuntry King, Slip N Slide’s Deuce Poppi and singer G Labeaud.
His first releases were critically acclaimed mixtapes Street Gang Vol. 1 hosted by Greg Street and the Hitman DJs and Street Gang Vol. 2 hosted by DJ Big House and The Urban Gorilla DJs. BooMan continued his momentum with last year’s much-talked-about mixtape Brick Fair hosted by Swamp Izzo. And now, he keeps ups ante on his momentous movement with the release of his newest project Real Is Rare hosted by DJ Scream.
And with his latest singles “Hard” and “Good To You” featuring Blitz the Entertainer currently burning up the streets, BooMan is perfectly poised to claim what is rightfully his. So before you get the big idea that he is just another gangster who out of nowhere decided to rap, think again. BooMan is well on his way to resurrecting much of what is missing in rap music today.
“When people listen to my music, they tell me it’s the type of music they miss, the type of music they love,” BooMan details. “People want to hear real music, not just somebody rhyming words together. And real music is what I give them.”

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